Java enters our catalog for the first time

Taste Honduras Finca El Puente’s Java Marysabel & Moises – Geisha’s worthy rival

The fourth Finca El Puente’s coffee is already roasted, packed and ready to be tasted by you – Java Marysabel & Moises is our latest Black Label.

As you know, our newest partnership is with one of the best specialty coffee farms in Honduras – Finca El Puente that belongs to the farmers husband and wife Moises Herrera and Marysabel Caballero. Thanks to this partnership we can now offer you for the first time ever a Java.

Java is an interesting alternative to the Geisha variety and also originates from Ethiopia but it is grown in Central America with very high quality. It was introduced to the island of Java by the Dutch in the early 19th century, hence the name of the variety. But it was thanks to two decades of selecting in Cameroon intul the 1980s that the variety became popular in the past century. It was concluded that it is Coffee Berry disease ressistant to some extent and it requires low input, that is why is best for small to medium farms.

Its rich cup places it high in the coffee varieties hierarchy and the industry insiders claim that it is a true rival to the queen Geisha.

Taste the magnificent Java Marysabel & Moises with notes of melon, strawberry, rose, until it is not sold out. We have a strictly limited quantity of it!

If you can’t wait to taste Java Marysabel & Moises, enroll in our special Coffee Cupping for Two on Candlelight on St. Valentine’s Day!

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